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Leg updates


Representative Bill Frank



The House Ways & Means Committee is working on the bill
to set the Statewide property tax rates.
The March 18th version is draft 3.3.
The committee hope to complete work the week
of March 17th.  I'll post a link to the final bill.
The W&M web site has all the information the committee
receives to make the decisions on the bill.
Click here and then on "Education Finance" to see
all the documents.

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It was great so many at the
Underhill & Jericho Town Meetings.
My next Legislative Forum at the Rawson Library is
Tuesday, March 18, 6:30-8:00pm
Hope to see you there

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Sen. Doyle's 2014 Town Meeting Survey
 Underhill, Jericho and state wide results
have been posted

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Resolution in memory of retired UVM Professor
and environmental advocate Hub Vogelmann

The organ donation process has never been
simpler in the state of Vermont, however,
there are still misconceptions about what is
involved in becoming an organ donor.
The process may vary in other states, but if
you would like to become an organ and
tissue donor registrant in Vermont, simply
click the poster above and follow the two
easy steps.


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Vermont Palliative and End-of-Life Care Resource Center

In life we prepare for everything... college, marriage, children, retirement. But we seldom talk about preparing for end-of-life care. Join the conversation and: 1) Increase your understanding of end-of-life options, including hospice and palliative care, 2) Learn to talk to your family & physician about your and your loved one's end-of-life wishes, and 3) Learn how to record your decisions using Vermont's Advance Directive form.

Contact me for a Conversation Guide or
 Linda LeCompte at the VNA, compte@vnacares.org
658.1900 ext. 3903
Also, visit starttheconversationvt.org .


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My e-mail address is

Visit me on Facebook

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Help Vermonters impacted by Tropical Storm Irene with their long term recovery needs by purchasing a Vermont Strong front license plate for $25.00. Net proceeds from the sale of each plate will be distributed to both the Vermont Disaster Relief Fund (www.vermontdisasterrecovery.com) and the Vermont Food Bank (www.vtfoodbank.org). Valid from 2012-2014, this plate may be displayed on the front of a qualified vehicle registered in Vermont.

Plates can be purchased at Jolly's in Jericho
and many other stores in the area
or order online at Vermont Life Catalog






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